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Last night I had the strangest dream. A purple dream.

While going from Kalihi (that's in Leeward Oahu) to Kaneohe (Windward Oahu), I found the Temple Valley Tunnel (no such thing), an undiscovered shortcut through the mountains (doesn't exist). After going into Kaneohe and up a Koolau ridge, I took the stone escalator (!) to the hidden Windward side of Punchbowl. (Uhuh. Punchbowl, the National Cemetary of the Pacific, is in Honolulu.) From there I could look down between the huge freeway structures (not there) to see Rugged Queen's Island (no such thing) in the river (isn't one of those there, either). Like I said, it was a purple dream.

My cast is purple, too. But it's not a dream. There's pain under its surface. It is a reality, a purple one. The figments of my imagination are pleasant reveries, and this purple cast is not that. (But I must admit that it's the most comfortable cast I've had, and I've worn a number of them.)

I'm staying with Dutch, so much like a mother! I'm well encouraged, well cared for, well nourished, well entertained, well cautioned, well... well healing. Bob (my loving husband) has been so supportive, doing all kinds of sweet things. He's too masculine to mother me.


Below are some pre-purple cast pictures taken before the staples were removed. Under the wrap is a splint, gauze and lots of staples. (see the Staple Contest here) More recent pictures follow, taken after the staples were removed. In case you missed the preceeding two pages, here's a recap: On March 30, 2004, my foot (I'm Linda) found a hole which led to my discovery of a dislocated trimalleolar fracture at the end of my leg. That's a really, really badly injured ankle. I haven't yet told you about Dutch chasing the ambulance or described the shock therapies.
pre-purple cast

pre-purple cast

LEFT: Amanda & Jon were married in their Waikiki hotel room April 4, me right out of the hospital. I'm here holding one of their three children. ABOVE: Jayne & Al were married April 9 at Magic Island. The wheelchair is borrowed from Wailani. Al is a recovered bimalleolar fracture took him six months to walk.

Harbor Court rainbow

ABOVE: After a night of feeling sorry about my situation, I hobbled into the living room, looked out the window, and saw this rainbow, low on the horizon instead of up in the air. It waited long enough for me to get the camera before going off to find someone else to cheer. To the left you can see a cruise ship which docks across the street at Aloha Tower's Pier 11 in Honolulu Harbor.

BELOW: Sunset from Harbor Court, 21st floor. This is where I'm staying right now, with Dutch. It's handicap equipped for her, but I'm the one getting service!

Harbor Court Sunset

purple cast

ABOVE: This is my purple cast. It's fiberglass, very neatly done by the orthopedic surgeon himself. There were numerous comments on my nail job. My birthday was the week before my foot found that hole, and I had been treated to a pedicure. :-)

RIGHT: Dean & Rebecca were married April 17 at pretty, (wheelchair-accessible) Magic Island. Note my purple cast and the "cast shoe". Don't know why it needs a "shoe", it's not like I can walk on it. Doesn't match anything I have, either.

Dean & Rebecca



lanai w/Rosie

LEFT & BELOW: Out on the lanai, another cruise ship in the background. I wear the red sock to keep the toes warm. The pink walker/hopper is named Rosie. I'm careful to not get my purple cast stuck between the rails again.

lanai 2


Next time I may show you my caregiver and timekeeper.
Maybe there'll even be Xrays!

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update of June 25, 2004

Thank you for your emails. For my fellow trimalleloar fracture victims, you have my sympathies and wishes for a speedy, complete recovery. By popular request, this update includes a timeline. Your doctor may be giving you a different experience...

March 30
Broke my ankle, transported via ambulance to the emergency room, didn't care about anything except making the pain stop, and later woke up after surgery they call open reduction, internal fixation.

April 2
Was discharged from the hospital with the instructions to keep it up and keep it iced. Went to Dutch's (she's a friend, like a mother, with a handicap-equipped home and adjustable bed, to keep the foot up). Rosie, aka a walker, escorts me everywhere.

April 12
The wrapped splint was removed, the surgical staples plucked out (felt like bee stings) and a purple fiberglass cast molded to imobolize my ankle (including foot and about 10" of leg). Very comfortable cast!

May 13
Purple cast was removed and *freedom!* replaced with a velcro-removable cast/brace (a black, ugly contraption). I did not need to keep it on all the time, so I could take a shower without a plastic bag! I was told to begin to gradually bear weight & move my ankle. I did, I did, I did!

June 15
The black ugly contraption was exchanged for a small, light-weight aircast brace. It molds to my ankle, and would be comfortable if there was a thick layer of cotton between its plastic and my skin. Rosie, which has been as constant a companion as humor and pain, has mostly been relegated to the corner as I practice with a cane.

Will be continued.... Pau---for now

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